Extraction and Socket Preservation using Osteogen and A-PRF+



First patient below had a long standing lesion around the roots, dark area inside the arrows.  Due to the proximity of the sinus an Osteogen plug with A-PRF+ was used to plug the oral-antral opening and rebuild the bone for future implant.


The patient below had a failing 2nd molar with deep decay that was not restorable so it was decided to extract and place an Osteogen plug into the sinus to plug the opening and place A-PRF+ plugs over the plug to aid in healing


The patient below had an upper molar with split roots that required extraction. The tooth was sectioned and removed uneventfully and an Osteogen collagen plug was placed followed by A-PRF+ plugs and secured with 5.0 PTFE sutures in preparation fore an implant at a later date